Silver Friendly


What is the Silver Economy?

The term comes from the United States and covers all activities relating to people over the age of 50. Analysts are unanimous in their view that this group will make up 50% of the population in industrialised countries by 2030. A major driving force behind global economic growth therefore. Wise Management and Silver friendly are there to help you respond in the most effective and profitable way to this important trend.

What can Silver Friendly do for you?

Expertise in marketing research, analysis and market strategies aimed at the senior and baby boom market.

A sample of our areas of expertise:

  1. Strategic insight into the market for seniors and baby boomers.
  2. European and international strategic follow-up of this segment.
  3. Partners who are leaders in their fields.
  4. Sales strategies aimed at seniors and baby boomers.
  5. Sophisticated label that is popular among baby boomers and seniors.
  6. Strategic and operational think-tank.
  7. Sales and communications training aimed at seniors and baby boomers.

Hard facts about this market segment:

In Belgium, the average age of the population will rise from 41 in 2012 to 44.6 by the year 2060.
The proportion of people over the age of 65 who made up 17.4% of the population in 2012 will increase to 25.8% in 2060.
The dependency ratio will increase from 26.6% in 2012 to 44.6% in 2060.

Baby boomers and seniors represent*:

  • 54% van de totale consumptie
  • 54% of total consumption
  • 43% money spent in hotels and restaurants
  • 45% money spent on clothing
  • 57% money spend on leisure activities
  • 58% household expenditure
  • 60% money spent on food
  • 64% money spent on health
  • 62% money spent on spectacles
  • 72% of all financial deposits
  • 75% purchases of luxury cars
  • 59% of clients who shop in local stores
  • 34% of all virtual purchases
  • 48% online shopping

(*) statistics: France
Do you really need convincing about the benefits of calling on Wise Management and Silver Friendly to help you tap into this great potential?

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